Project Description

Creating logos can be more fun and rewarding than solving the mystery before the end of the book. Or it can be as frustrating and painful as beating your head against a cinder block wall. Either way, it’s still the thing I love best. When clients adore their logo they glow, just a bit, and want to put it everywhere (and, of course, they want to make it bigger) which is very satisfying.

Below are some of the logos and icons I have designed over the years.

firm: WAX Exp. / client: Windstar Cruises
client: Disability Rights Washington
firm: Fish to Water / client: Pryde Development
firm: WAX Exp. / client: Terra Teams
client: The Milkovich Team, John L Scott
firm: Effective Design / client: Maxwell, Staypineapple
firm: Fish to Water / client: Pryde Development
firm: FriedmanPetersen / client: Sunrise Container
client: Maternity Acupuncture Association
firm: Fish to Water / client: Belltown United
firm: Fish to Water / client: Cunningham & Co.
firm: FriedmanPetersen / client: SANCA
firm: Effective Design / client: RAFN
client: BARN
client: Exvere
client: She’s Legend Magazine
firm: Effective Design / client: Harbor Properties
client: Kristovich Loft
firm: Effective Design / client: Sorrento Hotel
firm: Effective Design / client: Plymouth Housing
Salmon Surgery Center logo
client: Salmon Surgery Center
The Whitestone Apartments logo
client: C&R Management
client: BARN